Some thoughts from satisfied customers….

  • Thank you so much for the opportunities you provide for these children over the summer. My girls had a blast and it is great seeing them having to use their brains.
  • My daughter looks forward to Camp every summer! The classes are fun and educational and a week never seems like enough! The teachers are fun and helpful and really cafe about the kids. You’re all doing a fantastic job!!
  • There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child walk through the door, EXCITED to share new experiences and skills. The Camp  team encourages curiosity and love of learning in our future Engineers…Artists…Writers…Biologists… We are looking forward to next Summer!
  • My daughter loves this camp. She has completed 6 weeks of camp over the course of 3 summers. She is happy to have found “her people”. She is very fond of reading and this camp offers experiences based on her favorite books. She always has a great time, learns new things, and makes new friends.
  • Everyday she came home with something new she learned. This was a great experience for her!
  • Our boys enjoyed Camp. They can’t wait to tell their friends about it. They definitely will be back next summer.
  • I am so thankful to Camp IDEA for providing my daughter with a safe and comfortable place for her to take risks and grow. We could not have asked for a better experience and plan to make Camp IDEA a part of our summers from now on!
  • My son enjoyed Camp IDEA everyday, and was excited to share what he experienced. He loved the many varied themes to choose from. They teachers were very accommodating with allergies as well.
  • My boys had a wonderful experience. They loved sharing there assignments with our extended family. Camp IDEA inspired them to continue learning. They are already talking about next year.
  • My son loves Camp IDEA! He’s eager and excited to go to camp each day, and is so proud of the projects he works on!
  • My daughter had a wonderful time in each and every class and was sad at the end of each week when her classes were coming to an end. She is already looking at the class descriptions to get ideas for what she wants to sign up for next year! Nice job Camp IDEA, she is a hooked camper!
  • My daughter LOVES Camp IDEA! Homie G. for the win! Current themes, lots of fun! The experience is always fun and intense; campers get right to it and learn so much in such a short amount of time!
  • On the morning of the third day of camp, my child was already asking to sign up again next year!
  • From my son: “It was great learning new things with fun teachers with smart friends” My son was glad to be part of conversations that were on his level of understanding. He was being engaged on his level with his peers probably for the first time ever.
  • My daughter was so excited to go to camp each day. She didn’t want the week to end. Thanks to all the class options — next summer we may sign her up for two weeks!!