About Us

Camp IDEA is a fully insured academic enrichment day camp located in South Jersey, designed to meet the needs of gifted and advanced students. All counselors are licensed teachers in New Jersey who are excited to share their interests and talents and have been trained in the unique social and emotional characteristics that are prevalent in gifted children. We are excited to bring to you an exciting, hands-on summer program that will satisfy their thirst for knowledge while having fun IMAGINING, DESIGNING , EXPLORING and ACHIEVING! Come join us!


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  1. This is a stupendous idea! I taught with Bobbie Braverman in Mt. Laurel’s gifted program for years and also supervised Mount Laurel’s gifted program. Please keep Bobbie and I in the loop. Would love to see it in our neighborhood. Love the name too! -Nancy Ireland

    • Thanks Nancy!! I remember you from when I worked in Mt. Laurel years ago!!! I am SO excited to be starting this! I have to give my friend Jenna credit for the name — she’s my “creative writing” teacher (appropriately!! ha!) If you’re not busy during the camp swing by and see us! We would love to have you!

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